• Engineer Niu’s Field Service No.1

        An autumn morning, Engineer Niu receives an e-mail, is Mr. Jin who is a salesman. The meaning of the e-mail is that there is a potential customer meets some problems; their paint supplier European Z corporation inform them that they would no longer to supply goods to them without good reason. The potential customer hope that Shanghai LXZXL Chemical can help to check if there is a substitution, and the appointment meeting time with LXZXL Chemical is the morning the day after.

      • Engineer Niu’s Field Service No.2

        In the beginning of 2010, a well known European company Shanghai office contacts Engineer Niu. They are supplying parts of machines. Before, they imported products, along with sales increase, they started localization.

      • Engineer Niu’s Field Service No.3

        "Change the primer, it is must, because if continue using 1 component primer, no matter what kind of product, the adhesion and corrosion problem cannot be solved. It must be replaced by 2 component primer based on current pre-treatment conditions. What kind of product can replace? Seems no suitable product on hand for their spraying line." Engineer Niu thinks about it deeply.

      • Engineer Niu’s Field Service No.4

        We are meeting some painting problems; I have your mobile phone number from one of your customers. When we are spraying asphalt paint, we always have problems, can you please give us help?...

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