1. Engineer Niu's Field Service No.1

      In 2008, Engineer Niu Joined Shanghai LXZXL Chemical. Based on his more than 20 years professional experience and knowledge in painting industry, he was full of courage, and was ready to make an all-out effort.        

      Mentions this Engineer Niu, although he is not that much well-known in the market, but is actually reviews in succession richly, has studied thoroughly European, US, and Japanese coating technology and the advanced painting solution technology separately, moreover, has solved many difficult cases. It may be said that he is the painting first-class expert, but could not display his knowledge to his previous employor, therefore, the Engineer Niu decided to join Shanghai LXZXL Chemical, and make progress together with the company, because Shanghai LXZXL Chemical has professional chemical engineer team, and equipped with professional color engineer team, also has the professional management team, and equipped with professional equipments and instruments. Adding Engineer Niu and his led team's rich experience and the theoriotic knowledge, the company will have brilliant future.

      An autumn morning, Engineer Niu receives an e-mail, is Mr. Jin who is a salesman. The meaning of the e-mail is that there is a potential customer meets some problems; their paint supplier European Z corporation inform them that they would no longer to supply goods to them without good reason. The potential customer hope that Shanghai LXZXL Chemical can help to check if there is a substitution, and the appointment meeting time with LXZXL Chemical is the morning the day after.

      To the agreement time, Engineer Niu and Mr. Jin arrive in the potential customer's plant, meeting with the plant manager and painting team supervisor. From the meeting, Engineer Niu obtains following information:

      1. The potential customer's product is a part used in lift-well, after the installment, the part does not see the sunlight all day long;

      2. The request paint has certain anti-corrosive performance;

      3. The color is RAL6011 green;

      4. The spray coating way is the manual air spraying;

      5. Only spraying coating, approximately 50um;

      6. The customer does not have baking equipment;

      7. Surface dry time requirement is 1hour, and be assembled after half day air dry;

      8. Currently using single component primer;

      After the meeting, Engineer Niu and Mr. Jin visit painting shop, to learn the field paint environment. Then, make appointment with Plant Manager of potential customer, will provide smaple and do field demonstration in 3 days.

      Quickly, the lab prepared 3 liters sample of chlorinated rubber paint according to Engineer Niu's request. 3 days after last visiting to the customer, Engineer Niu leads an engineer to arrive in the customer's workshop. The field domenstration work is extremely sucessful, meet all customer's requirements. Moreover, the paint consumption is only approximately 60% of previous used.

      After the domenstration, Engineer Niu meets the plant manager and plant shop supervisor again, discusses the key points of the domenstration, and confirmed the color panel.

      "Engineer Niu, thanks very much, the customer has placed the order, and the company will deliver the products to the customer within 3-5days." Mr. Jin phones Engineer Niu in another 2 days.

      "Fantastic, please confirm with the customer which day they will start to use, I will arrange an engineer to follow up their using." Engineer Niu replies.

      "Good, will inform as soon as I have confirmation date."

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